Sunday, June 15, 2014

When You Don't Know What to Do

Have you ever been at a crisis point? When you think you heard clearly from Him a course of action you were to take? When you confidently stepped out in pursuing the direction you felt He guided you toward? And then, nothing seemed to work the way it should have?

We've been in one of those places lately. Seven months ago, we began seeking other options for long-term stay in our country. What seemed like His direction led us to apply for a teaching position, one that appeared to be the perfect fit and timing for us. Since that time, we have experienced one set back after another. Having done everything right, things have just worked out in a way that have left us often hanging on the edge of what to do. When these things happen, does that mean you heard wrong? That we pursued the wrong thing? Or are we meant to walk through these trials? Experience these difficulties?

Though I cannot give all the details, this has been a journey of waiting, trusting, not understanding, being hit with one surprise after another, and financial stress. Our gracious Father has generously provided for everything, yet we stand again at another point that leaves me, in particular, scratching my head and feeling like I'm sinking.

It seems particularly fitting to this case that our last two sermons in our fellowship have been about waiting when you don't understand--which we are still doing. And not worrying--casting all our cares on Him and not taking them back. What a challenge!

Have you ever been there? And does it mean you heard wrong or that you were supposed to walk through something? Or will we ever know?

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