Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bites and Sound Bites

So I woke up on Saturday morning with a crazy looking mosquito bite on my collarbone. It was itchy, but it wasn't a big deal. A few hours later, the mosquito bit looked like the size of one of those smashed pennies you make at tourist places and had a small tail coming off. The next day, it had an even longer, more wiggly tail coming off and was bright red...not to mention itchy as all get out. Then, it had a pink line all the way to my arm pit. At that point, we decided to put a pen mark where the line stopped and watch it. When I woke up the next morning, the line was still there, but had gone no further. Today it Wednesday, and it looks like someone slapped my collarbone. I have no idea what bit me, but apparently, it wasn't a mosquito.

As for the sound bites, I just wanted to tell you a few things that I read from the packaging of the pillows we bought the other day:

1) They are good for: "Pillows Cushions Blosters" (What's a bloster?)
2) They are very "heigenic"
3) They are made with "100% holo fiver filled cotton" (They're filled with $5 bills!) you can have your laugh.

Speedy Delivery

Last week we had the very exciting experience of purchasing a fridge. The one that came with the apartment had some annoying problems so we couldn't wait to purchase one that actually worked for us, especially one that could retain cool for quite a long time with the power cuts. We found the perfect two-door model that stands about 4 feet tall! How's that for super size? Oh, but wait, it gets better.

Since we have no vehicle, we asked the store to deliver it to our home after about an hour. We were still shopping on our way home when this random little man came up to us in a store saying, "Freeez." We thought he was a beggar saying, "Please," so we acted like we weren't interested. Again, he said, "Freeez," and handed P.J. a paper. Again, we said, "No," when we realized he was actually saying, "Fridge!" He was very early for his delivery, but he spotted us on the side of the road. Still, it gets better.

Lizzy walked with him to where the fridge was sitting on the side of the road, and then the guy proceeded to put the fridge on his back using a head strap. He walked behind Lizzy the rest of the way to our house and up three flights of stairs with a fridge suspended from his head! It was absolutely amazing and ended a very exciting day in an exciting way.

Green Yogurt

Just thought you might like to know what it's like to buy yogurt here... At the corner store where we do most of our staple food purchases, we kept seeing these shallow clay pots with white paper over the top of them. I wondered, "What are they growing in there?!" A few days later, I sent P.J. out for some yogurt to go with our dinner, and he returned with one of those small potted plants. Little did I know the plants were actually terra cotta pots filled with yogurt. Somehow the pot keeps the yogurt cool and also helps it not get too watery since it is somewhat porous. It tastes great and leaves us with perfect little planters for our personal use later. Their yogurt really is "green!"