Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sometimes You Stumble

Some trails are easy to walk. Some are just downright annoying. Often we ran into trails made of tiny little rocks. You have to sort of experiment here and there to figure out what walking techniques best fit what trail. And sometimes you're just going to fall on your butt--repeatedly. Sometimes due to these mule fellows with giant bags tied to them, too. At least that's what I did on the way to the next village.

This was the area we spent the most time in, and the people at this school were incredibly kind toward us. Their school even had wood planks on the floor so it was warmer to sleep on. Here the kids made lots of friends, as the school was still in session, and we got to poke a LOT of fingers. I determined I just wasn't cut out for poking kids' fingers.

New sweet friends, baby cows who love trail mix and let you ride them -- what's not to love?

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