Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Happy Occasion

When we left the last area that I posted about, we walked about a half day along some snaking trails and reached a school where we were graciously welcomed to stay. It was the weekend, and no kids would be needing the classrooms so we were grateful for a place out of the wind to sleep and a kitchen with a warm stove we could sit by. Their stoves are very similar to a wood burning stove you might get in the West. If you're wondering at all what the trail here would be like, think grey and like snake lines in the dirt. Looking from afar, the trails look so small you think, "We can't possibly be getting ready to walk there!"

And yet there you find yourself a few hours later. Notice the fields in the lower part of the picture and the light white horizontal-ish line near the middle. That's a trail!

Then sometimes, as a sweet reward for hard work climbing, you get to enjoy a Snickers bar on top of the world with those blue skies staring at you. That's no Photoshop folks!


In that village, we got to celebrate the fifth birthday of our baby girl. Thanks to a little advanced packing, we had candles and chocolate frosting for the pancake tower. Pretty impressive, right?! 

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