Monday, January 18, 2010

Relaxation... well kind of.

This past week we left the madness of the city for a little oasis of peace, serenity, and 24 hours a day of electricity. We went to a resort with 48 rooms set on four beautiful acres, and the only sounds we could hear were those of nature or the human beings around us. No honking horns, no diesel engines--just the sound of the little creek running through the property or the horses neighing as they happily ate. On top of all this, we had constant electricity, constant hot water, and all of our meals were provided at one of the on-site restaurants. The perfect week of relaxation, long walks, clean air, and good food... well almost.

We were at this beautiful resort to help out with another organization's youth program while they had their conference. A week of teaching, singing, leading crazy games, and being around 13-18 year old youth may not sound like a relaxing week for many of you, but for us it was just what the doctor ordered. Our schedule was pretty light, and we had a few nights free plus all of our afternoons off save for the occasional game of Ultimate Frisbee. Plus, believe it our not, I like spending time with 15 year old kids, maybe because their physical age represents my maturity level. We still enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, and the break from cooking and doing dishes. We spoiled ourselves with the ability to turn on a light any minute of any day, and because the water was boiling hot, I believe I spent most of my free time in the shower baking my skin off. It was a wonderful week. Naomi enjoyed herself in the open outdoors and thought that the horses were the best doggies she had ever seen.

Now before I get a bunch of emails telling me we need to take a real holiday or a real time of relaxation, don't worry because we do take care of ourselves. We are nowhere close to burnout, and we do have some real times of relaxation planned for when both of our parents come this year. For where we are at now, this past week was just what we needed.